What We Do.

Paving the way for Africa’s self-sufficiency requires a multifaceted initiative.

ZODAJ operates as a holding company that incubates initiatives all geared towards tackling developmental issues in Africa. Currently there are three operational initiatives under the umbrella of ZODAJ.

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Our Mission.

Paving the way for Africa’s self-sufficiency through creative technological solutions.

Today, Africa is the fastest growing continent in the world, with more than half of the global population growth between now and 2050 expected to occur in the region. We at ZODAJ want to ensure that this growing demographic is equipped with effective technology that can bolster the continent’s growth over the coming decades. For years, large world organizations have been simply dumping money on Africa’s developmental issues, but we believe in a more hands on approach-- one that utilizes technological innovation to provide lasting change for the majority.

Africa, with its diversity and growing youth population, holds immense potential. We recognize that potential and respond with creative solutions to rectify Africa’s developmental problems to ultimately achieve full self-sufficiency.

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Who We Are.

At ZODAJ, we are bound by a shared commitment to tackling Africa’s most pressing issues-- one issue at a time.

In 2018, our founders at Carnegie Mellon University came together with a hope to promote growth and development of the African continent. Since our founding, ZODAJ has grown to become a diverse team of various backgrounds, disciplines, and perspectives, all fueled by a common goal to unlock Africa’s potential.

Through individual projects under ZODAJ, we restlessly strive to develop and implement effective solutions that come to our attention, such as education, sustainability, and developmental policies.

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