Educational technology for Africa

What is Eko?

Eko is an educational college-readiness company that prepares students for higher education and professional success in Africa.

Our online programs and services are designed to help students circumvent the challenges of African school systems and offer a smoother transition to college. We provide an intensive, multidisciplinary education as well as educational and career guidance to prepare students for a college level education. 

Through our culturally responsive material and holistic approach to education, Eko is devoted to bolstering educational development in Africa and encouraging students to reach their academic and professional goals. We strive to give better opportunities to all students in Africa and champion those who don’t have access to a quality education through a standardized and accessible curriculum.

Eko Originals

Our commitment to innovate and create uniquely.

Eko is committed to finding innovative and creative programs to make education more accessible and suitable to students’ individual academic needs.

We strive to help students receive a quality education despite their financial or environmental difficulties and support their academic and career endeavors. 

Every student deserves the opportunity to receive the best education possible. Discover how Eko can help you reach your academic and career goals through our various programs.

Eko’s college-readiness program.

Eko’s college-readiness program provides an intensive, multidisciplinary education to help students prepare for a college level education.

Refined by world-renowned Carnegie Mellon University professors, our curriculum is designed to help students advance their school education and open doors to better college opportunities. 

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The Eko Textbot

The Eko Textbot is a texting program that teaches basic STEAM topics to high school level students.

As part of Eko’s three part ultra-inclusive college-readiness program, the textbot reinforces educational material through constant practice for students both in and out of the school system. Started as a partnered project with the Robert’s Charity Foundation for elementary school students in Nigeria, the Eko Textbot has now expanded to reaching more students and offering a more extensive curriculum.

The textbot is featured in our three-part ultra-inclusive academic college-readiness program (the three parts are the textbot, app, and website)It started off as an invention for the Robert’s Charity FoundationWe’re using a texting program to teach basic STEAM topics to elementary kids in NigeriaNow it’s a tool that we’ll use to mobilize our curriculum and give educational access to many African students of secondary school age who are not in schoolThat’s why we say it’s ultra-inclusive

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Digital Ubuntu

Digital Ubuntu is a certified skill-acquisition program created in partnership with President Macky Sall. Digital Ubuntu offers courses from numerous subjects ranging from computer programming to information systems that allows anyone to receive a certification of their subject of choice. Utilizing curricula from top universities from around the globe, Digital Ubuntu offers an accessible, online curriculum to allow students and business professionals to receive a certified education at their own pace. 

Digital Ubuntu (we’re rebranding this to reflect Eko) certified skill-acquisition projectThis is the project the President Macky Sall is running, and he has employed us to create the website that will utilize curricula from top universities around the globe and teach courses that students can get certificates in and use on their resume

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Identify The Atoms

Identify The Atoms is an online educational game designed to introduce young students the periodic table.

The dynamic design of the website teaches chemistry to students in a fun, approachable way and is great for elementary or middle school level learners.

With interesting graphics and repetitive practice to help with memorization, Identify The Atoms teaches the first twenty elements of the periodic table to incite excitement and engagement for chemistry in young students.

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Bantu Market

Bantu Market is an educational game designed to introduce middle school students to various entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

Developed to help teachers incorporate soft skills for vocational readiness, Bantu market was one of Eko’s first experimental projects which inspired Eko’s later products created for an older audience.

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Our Team

Dominique Aruede, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, UG 2022 — CEO Dominique (she/her) is a New York native, originally from Lagos, Nigeria. She is currently studying Cognitive Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction with a minor in Design for Learning in Dietrich College at Carnegie Mellon University to pursue her interests in UX research as it pertains to human skill-acquisition, education, and fashion. Prior to her studies at CMU, Dominique conducted behavioral research at New York Medical College and worked as a teaching assistant. Today, Dominique applies her diverse range of knowledge in fields such as cognitive psychology, computer science, and design to constantly improve Eko and its programs.

Samori Harris, Brooklyn College, UG 2022 — COO, Product ManagerSamori (he/him) is a student at Brooklyn College studying Information Systems and Cognitive Science. In the past five years, Samori has led multiple tech related projects, such as personal VR applications,  both in and out of the college environment. As previous team captain of his football team, Samori has a deep interest in sports that matches his passion for tech development and continues to enjoy a game of football.
Awa Ndiaye, Tepper School of Business, UG 2022 — Chairperson, Project ManagerAwa (she/her), originally from Dakar, Senegal, is a Tepper Business student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Human Computer Interaction. As an avid entrepreneur, Awa has experience in multiple business ventures, one of which includes, ‘SAPHE’, a tech startup which developed a personal safety app. She speaks English, French, Wolof, Arabic fluently and is currently pursuing Mandarin to add to her vast linguistic abilities.