Our Purpose 

The ZODAJ Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of Africa through directly supporting individuals.  

With youth populations growing at unprecedented rates, now it is more important than ever to help foster the economic and technological growth of African nations. The ZODAJ Foundation aims to give support to the very foundation and future of Africa’s development: the individual. Whether this be academic scholarships, technological resources, or industry-specific training, we work to make a direct impact on African citizens by helping them move forward in their cause. 

 The solution to Africa’s progress lies in its very youth, and our teams at the ZODAJ Foundation want to champion those who strive for the greater development of the continent. Africa’s development starts and ends with the individual, and we stand behind every person who shares our passion for uplifting Africa.

Our Begining 

A hope to reach more and do more Even during the initial stages of ZODAJ’s development when our company was creating some of our first products, it was clear that our reach needed to be bigger. We realized that in order to make the impact that we wanted for Africa, we had to go beyond marketable products to provide direct support for African youth. There were students, entrepreneurs, and innovators who each held an idea and a distinct plan beneficial to their community and the future of Africa, and we wanted to support them.  

This is how The ZODAJ Foundation came to be. ZODAJ’s founding member Akwelle Quaye approached the team with the idea of a non-profit organization under ZODAJ devoted to helping individuals who couldn’t afford the right resources, but nonetheless believed in the ZODAJ mission. To Quaye, in order for ZODAJ to amplify their impact, they needed to think big and small, both through their far reaching products and through direct academic and financial support. She had faith that with the right resources, young individuals could produce original and valuable solutions that would increase the quality of everyday life in African countries.  

Today, with The ZODAJ Foundation, ZODAJ is one step closer to realizing our goal of supporting Africa’s development. Our team of staff members and volunteers are searching for new partnerships that could provide better academic and entrepreneurial opportunities for the young minds of Africa. Join us in our endeavor to encourage and bolster Africa’s youth. Find out more about our events and programs here on our website!

The ZODAJ Ambassador Leadership Program

Unlock the passion of tomorrow's leaders.

 The ZODAJ Ambassador Leadership Program is an intensive four day training and networking program that allows students to learn essential communication, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. Our training initiative gives educational and professional guidance to African students who hope to make an impact in their communities, whether it be product development or entrepreneurship. Led by university students studying a diverse range of subjects, from business to computer science, our program teaches professional skills while also providing a platform for students to make global connections.  

Since our initial trial in August 2019, our program has now expanded to host fourteen ambassadors across five different countries. We aspire to create a growing community of intelligent students who share an enthusiasm for Africa and its future. 

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