Vertex is contact Tracing platform consisting of multiple fronts, made to help to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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Interactive Map

Our Mission Against Covid-19.

COVID-19 has affected our health, communities, and daily lives in every aspect, whoever we may be. Especially for those living in overcrowded conditions without sufficient medical equipment or healthcare, this global pandemic threatens our safety and our normalcy long term.

While health officials are trying their best to develop a vaccine, we at ZODAJ recognize that we can contribute to slowing the spread of the pandemic with our resources.

Our Solution.

Right now, ZODAJ is developing a contact tracing system in partnership with CS Strategies to help the people of Africa stay safe and informed as countries reopen their economies. Our technology will be specifically designed to accommodate even areas without consistent internet connectivity or smartphone access while ensuring the user’s privacy and will alert those who may have come in contact with a patient. Our goal is to update potential patients as soon as possible by immediately matching patient information from hospitals and individuals’ self-reported geographical data provided through texting or our app. We are currently streamlining all our staff members and resources to deliver an effective solution as soon as possible, and we plan on piloting our initiative in Senegal as early as  07/15/2020.

This is not an unprecedented response for ZODAJ. We initially came together with a hope to promote growth and development of the African continent, and we have no intention of stopping now. Our teams will always be behind Africa, committed to aiding whatever challenges and uncertainties come our way. COVID will be a long, tenuous battle, and we need to adapt to stay protected and informed. We’re here to help.